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here are some pictures from austin:
You'll see Jon Dee Graham, with Andrew Duplantis, and John Chipman. Along with Mark, who was filming the whole thing for a JDG documentary he's making.

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we're getting the gifts, too.....2 new CDs and a book. And maybe a new flatlanders record in the not too distant future. Go here for more info on all.

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we've also decided the puppy should be a userpic.
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lee and i have a new topic of conversation. we are now dissecting the headspinning bbc auto show "top gear." It's all my fault, I'd seen the show a few years ago, and kept making a point of scrounging episodes wherever I could. I'm not a car girl, though I do drive a pretty snappy 236hp turbo. And i have spent time at the track with martin.

Anyway, we've already moved past the caravan episode (nm will vouch for this one. This will be the best 25 minutes of video you've seen in eons. do not try to watch the little five minute dls, you need to see the whole thing at once!), and the amphibious vehicle showdown (i think they all loved that one).

Now we're debating the merits of the one that featured a glorious aston martin db9.

And an equally gorgeous puppy.

in the end, it comes down to which is "more charming."?

Jeez, where would we be without youtube?

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look what she's done.

I think the title should be "all the better to eat you with." Those teeth scare me.
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hi all 

z, has moved here and become the gothy  z88

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